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Monday, 24 January 2011

The Story from Kingdom of Cambodia

The journey has begun
...and the story will reveal everythin'...
~never deny~
d' last day..CK@Angkor Wat, Siem Reap :)

hayyy..hayyy..mornin' everyone!
deaammmm..early mornin' 2day! hehee..[can't sleep!]

Well just wanna make some entry as a intro to the upcoming story morry merapu from me! 
please expect somethin' kinda story from CAMBODIA land..heheee...
but pls notice dat' event it's difficult to find some HALAL food..my WEIGHT GAIN! 
yes! I'll be never denied! :p

~just wonder will I have an ample time for kinda of MERAPU after tis! :p
welll..let's find some..:)
 till then..c u again! hiksss.. 

mood: GEDIX!


marvicn.com said...

woohooo...mau baca next entri ni...hehehe

cyanamoose said...

babe... pegi seminggu gmbo sekeping jek ka? heheh

ck said...

har3..kan aku dh cakap! aku pasti Bizi!!!..demi BONOS korang pd tahun depan.hek2 :p