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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Miss U Ms Blog!!

AssalamMualaikum and Hello to All,

Hi2. It has been so long I haven't blogging. Owhh.
See? How time really flies!! My last entry was bank in Oct'13 after a big shuffling in our office! U know what, after that my life became horrible disaster, terrible like hell!! haha!! Maybe that is the reason why I was unable to spent even just to visit this site! *or maybe just an excuse :p* That time, normal for me to leave the office at 09:30pm. That consider early yeahh!! haha!! Well at my level, I must consider that as 'werk like real KAMBIN!' :p

After all, it seems like a sweet memory remembering those hard times. Ok lah. To be fair, it was a bitter sweet feeling actually! Only me, my close friends and colleagues knew how it was. The time we were facing was not easy at all. -_- ngeeeee *exaggerate is a must!*  

Moving on...

Now, everything almost back to normal with little bit changes here and there.
My beloved Boss already came back in town and..soon..soon..I'll be joining him >> :)
For those who observing me from their own perspective, they always like to judge and make their own version. Well, people like to judge, the truth always with Allah SWT and time will heal everything.

Self reminder; bertabahlah and may Allah grant me and all of us with PATIENCE to face all trials in this life until we return to Him. Seriously I don't have any idea what will takes me in the future but I believe Allah has a best plan after all. 

I'm really Redho and Tawakal rite now. *angel face* 

Last but not least..this is my latest picture during my very recent trip to BALI last APRIL! *woahh sempat jalan2 lagi mehhhh* :p Auwww...I miss to share all bout the journey like I did previous! hiks

BALI 2014 ;)

Sebok kau bercerita kan lupa ucap SELAMAT BERPUASA dan semoga mampu meningkatkan ibadah untuk ke10 malam yang sangat2 terakhir nih. SELAMAT HARI RAYA in advance!!