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Thursday, 22 December 2011

~Deuter Backpack~


still remember to my previous entry titled '*what a pack on my back* ?? hehee..^.~ 
so now I would like to update the final  result! woxoo...soooOOooo..let's check it out!!

After received several feedback from few friends and lil on-line surveyed, I did visit the Pertama Complex to have a look for my dreamed backpack for real. At that time,what was in my mind was just a shoot out of "I wanna hold it!!" "I wanna try it out!!" YEAHHH!!!
Yeap..I'm a RED lover!! Thus definitely I was looking for a RED backpack!! Definitely!! :D

LOOK!! This was during the trial-and-error time.. :p
I was not satisfied with just seeing me myself wearing the backpack from the mirror. so I asked the sale girl to wore the backpack for me! haks! :p

nice righttt!!! warghhhh!!! ;O

YES it's a KARRIMOR backpack RED in colour! I LAV it very much!
The capacity is 60+10L. But I think it is actually quite big for me! Apparently not very suitable for someone with high below 155cm! :-(
Well actually when I wore the backpack I felt not so comfortable as my head touched the upper side of the backpack and it was really driven me to rethink and reconsider it for a thousand time!! :p 

Finally I bought a DEUTER back pack 50+10L which is GREEN in colour!! YAY!!
~ Yeapp..it's not RED as the outlet out of stock for RED in 50+10L :( !!
~ but that should be OK I think! Nice colour and for me it's more acceptable compared to BLUE...weeee...*so blue lover please don't hate me hah!!*

tadaaaaa... ;D
its mine ~ green DEUTER backpack! hiks!
Let's check out for the price.
Owhh before that, the model that I bought was specifically designed for woman! Hiks! ;)
The offered price for 50+10L was around RM400+ to RM500+ and for 60+10L was around RM600+ to RM700+! (same goes for both brands *deuter/karrimor*) BUT yes for SPECIAL design the price MUST be HIGHER compared to the ordinary...he.he.he...
So please use your best bargain and negotiation skills to get the price as lowest as you could afford!! :D

~ well after I bought the deuter backpack, I found one nice model from 'Jack Wolfskin' like this..
*but SeriouShit I got no more available budget!! :'(*
Jack Wolfskin for Woman ~ nice huh??

Ok then..that's all for today!
have an awesome year-end holiday and enjoy your vacation peeps!! 

mood : iLAVtravels!!!!


jeri said...

beli kat pertama kan? apa nama kedai tu??

ck said...

ha aku beli dekat Pertama tapi nama kedai tu dah lupe lak. kene selongkar namecard la dlu br ingat! :p