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Friday, 23 December 2011

~Marvic Christmas Giveaway Contest~

*tiba2 mood rajin update*

halu guysss...how was your day todayyyyyy??  hope everything going well OK!!
Heyyy it's 2 more days to Christmas peeps!! So I wanna ask U something. Do you like to receive some giftsss?? Hey if your answer is YES, I tell you what, it is a 'Marvic Christmas Giveaway Contest !!

Peepss..for details just click to the wording or to the picture below ;)))

Marvic Christmas Giveaway
Aawwwww...Christmas is soon and it is a time of giving, caring and love!
so that have driven Marvic to came up with kinda of giveaway!!
let us cheer up her day by taking part of this contest! let's!! hikss!!!!
till then..u guys have a good night ahead ok?

to Marvic and to my lil readers who celebrate Christmas, would like to wish you guys 'A Very Merry Christmas!!' May all your dreams come true and may you have all the presents you asked Santa for!!! ^.^

^_~ afternoon huggies!!

mood : skiping tongang terbalik!! :p

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marvicn.com said...

TQ CK.. ala.. lepas dah masuk tahun 2012 baru aku dpt baca.. balik kpg jer mmg payah nak online bagai.. but it is so sweet of u buat such an entry.... jap lg akan ada entry pemenang ye... oh.. ko kat Beijing dah skrg.. hehehe