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Friday, 17 June 2011

*What a Pack On My Back*

Seriously, I'm currently looking for this...

# Picca courtesy fm MAS' goingplaces magazine
Nope, not a vacation. Nope, not a hiking. Nope, am not talking about 'Tasmania'..hehee..*winkk2*

But..Yeapp..you are right!! am talking about BACKPACK!! :D
Well2..actually am 'dreaming' for vacations with backpackers style maybe to be started by earliest next year or in conjunction with new year celebration maybe!! *hint*
Owhh..so, better for me to get ready with the 'stuff(s)' starts from now, so that I can plan my budget! Yeahh!! 

I was heard about the price before, qet' high but the most important is the backpack would be long lasting and can be used for several time even for several years! 
So that we can call this as a SMART investment! :p 

but seriouShit I have no idea 'bout the best brand, 'bout the best price, 'bout the right place*for bargain Owhh..such a lots of questions! Some people say we can get the best one @Pertama Complex! Is it..?? Well let's do some studiessss..

Hey guys! If you have any info about this, please do let me know okey ;) *kenyit mata*

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Yun said...

yeah...you can get it at Pertama Complex, but you need to bargain...the price depends on how many litre you want. and some more, there is ciplak brand, which sama mcm nasib handbag..hehehe..agak murah lah kan..tp tahan berapa lama tu aku xpasti...aku punya deuter 32L tu dah masuk tahun ke-7...ok jek lagi..hehehe cuma tersgt comel lah utk long vacation. kalao takat 3-4days...ok lg...erm aku suggest ko carik either deuter or karrimor, ni yg mmg geng2 aku guna yg thn lasak dan harga nya in medium range. dan kalo nk deuter/karrimoor ko carik lah yg 50L ke, puas hati sket..price aku rasa dlm rm350-rm500 depends on model dia. ada byk model setiap brand..hehehe

dan dengan ini..welcome to backpackers club..huhuhu

ck said...

owhh..deuter/karrimoor eh..dan menggunakan litter eh!!..bapa banyak air boleh masok tak tauuu kih3 :p BAIKLAH..will survey 50L! *weee..masok kelab backpackers plak aku hah!*

~ agak jugak la kan budget kehadapan aku nie kan..dh macam2 plak kehendak hati aku nie kan..harus lah aku mengayap ke Pertama membuat serbey kekdahnya!!!
eh!!..TQ YUN! :D

marvicn.com said...

aku masih lagi pikir kaedah/jenis bag utk trip tu la..have not make up my mine yet.. survey lagi la kot..makin kelam je ni

cyanamoose said...

wahh!!! jd join backpackers ka korang nie?

abazilah said...

hye , blogwalking jap .
tolong vote saya dekat http://iownthis87.blogspot.com/2011/07/vote-for-abazilah.html
tq :)

ck said...

hehee..yey!! nak jadi backpackers!! semangat2..

abazilah: sorry terlewat cheq :(

jeri said...

Blogger Yun.. Kat Pertama complex.. aku beli kat kedai yoon hinn tak silap.. Yang Auntie Cina jual tu.. Aku rasa ok situ.. Tengok review internet pun OK.. lagi Pun life time warranty kat situ.. Btw.. Hang beli kedai mana kalau backpack? sama online atau beli kat kedai2 luar...