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Friday, 11 May 2012

Broga Hill

Salam All...

Lagi update cerita lama yg ingin di bring on kan!! hahaa more..more..more will be coming soon! :p

Rujuk entry terdahulu pasal SAGA Hill, sehari lepas panjat SAGA kami spontan plan untuk daki BROGA HILL pula :)) hahaa!! Bila dah gila hiking, pergi mendaki berturut-turut pon boleh aje kan! Tak penat pulak kan! iOls siap masok bekalan lagi okeh!!  :p

Oupss ok, before we proceed further to those who wonder, Broga Hill located in Semenyih, Selangor (senang je just follow sign board) near to Nottingham Universiti (gile beso & lawo Uni nie! :O)

Parking @ oil palm plantations

let's !!

..and the journey has begun.. :))

Owhhh myyyy.. :))

Yet to reach the peak!! :p

I wanna DSLR thooooo!! :p

my LAV hit BROGA too ;))


does it looks like taken by DSLR?? LOL!!

can u see..da SUN??

beloved shoes ;))

owhhh...bit jammed here and there..haha!!

@ 1st lookout point

see the ground??

Owhh...the peak..bit more :))

nice kan!! 

my homemade nasi lemak :))

u should like this picca! haha!! :p

green green grass 

grass grass grass :p

senduduk !! 

the 1st lookout point

closeup the 1st lookout point

wonder did anybody cut it before?? :p

the most challenging trail thought :))

nice view!!!

hyi hill top!!!

finally ~ what a satisfaction we had :))

Hyi~ happy face!!

Hyi~ proud face thot!! :p

Hyii...we were here; Broga Hilltop 

the trail was so slippery so we decided to sliding down!!  :))

Yeahhh...the feeling was super awesome!!!


I was swiped too fast because my shoes did not grip at all!! Owhh what a 'local crock' I had!! :p
We laughed so much!! LOL!! unfortunately the moment unrecorded..I bet u gonna laugh a lot! HAHA!! 

sunny day!!

MESSY!! ~ due to the uncontrolled slide!! :p
*put pic in small coz i was super comot!!*

the tag :))

:: end ::

mood : miss hiking!!


Unknown said...

xterus masuk ke dalam lg ke..hari ni pon ade group dr GO naik broga.ptg ni.tp sy xjoin la sbb keje :)

ck said...

Arkkk?? Terus ke Gunung yg dlm tu ea..TAK..takot! :p hahaaa..owhh BROGA mmg tiap weekend pn pack!! Takpe lah nx2 time bley g kan! :)

(mymoonlog) said...

hi,Very nice photos..beautiful
The Best blog...Congrat

Unknown said...

syoknya tapi tak berkesempatan.